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About Totally Charming

Hello, Let us introduce ourselves, You can call us Luke and Zak and we are the proud owners of Totally Charming. We’ve been working hard in the last 12 months or so to bring you a Totally Charming subscription service that will inject a little hint of joy every month in the form of a new addition to your collection of charms. They’ll be 925 Sterling Silver and as cute as a button. It’s been hard work but we’re confident that you’ll love what we’ve got lined up for you! At the moment we are launching just the one theme, but do not fear we have got a few more up our sleeves so definitely keep your eyes peeled on this page.

This page is also where you’ll find a monthly hint or riddle on what your upcoming charm might be. We’ll also have lots of promotions and competitions, as well as our one off themed charms for certain occasions which will become available at the store in time. We’ll be adding things all the time so make sure you check it out! 

We hope you enjoy your charms and everything we have to offer 

Luke & Zak 

Head over to https://totallycharming.co.uk/ to shop now for 925 Sterling Silver Charm Subscriptions! 

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