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Birthstone Stud Earrings

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Our exquisite and colourful Birthstone stud earring collection is perfect for showing off your true colours. Perfect idea for a gift for that someone special or even to treat yourself.

January – Red Garnet, Constancy & Loyalty

February – Amethyst, Sincerity & Peace

March – Aquamarine, Courage & Health

April – Diamond, Innocence & Love

May – Emerald, Happiness & Fertility

June – Alexandrite, Balance & Joy

July – Ruby, Nobility & Beauty

August – Peridot, Felicity & Protection

September – Sapphire, Wisdom & Calmness

October – Tourmaline, Balance & Endurance

November – Topaz, Friendship & Strength

December – Zircon, Wisdom & Wealth

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